Groundswell Strategies, LLC is a management consulting firm founded by
Gil Brodnitz, and dedicated to providing proven, practical solutions to the critical challenges facing senior Business and Information Technology executives. 

Our deepest experience and expertise is in the Financial Services and Government sectors, but we frequently work with clients across industries.

Focus:  We help clients navigate the intersection of Business and IT, where value is often lost in translation between dollars and digits.

Services:  Our proven, practical solutions address the challenges senior executives face at critical moments of truth, like mergers and acquisitions, new competitive threats, changes of direction or structure, and major investment milestones.

Team: Trust our seasoned advisors, who combine consulting with line management experience at senior executive levels.  We have sat on your side of the table, and we understand that delivering meaningful results requires more than smart answers.

Approach:  We deliver high value/high impact solutions quickly, using facilitated processes that leverage your team’s time and resources.  Our hands-on consultants help guide your team to a practical solution, without “boil the ocean” data gathering and analysis.

Your challenges are unique.  When you face your moment of truth, be confident that your change program will be a success by including a Groundswell Strategies solution.

Groundswell Strategies, LLC is ready to help -- give us a call at (202) 337-0193.