Digital Transformation

Practical application of digital technologies and relevant experience to quickly focus on your top priorities for investment

Key Questions to be Answered

  • What new business opportunities are created by emerging digital technologies like mobile, social, cloud, robotics?
  • How should business and IT adapt to pursue these opportunities aggressively?
  • Where are the hidden leaks in our business model?

Proven Approach

  • Digital strategy, investment business case and roadmap, focusing on opportunities created and enabled by combining mobile, social, cloud, big data technologies
  • Digital customer experience review, looking for value leakages and “silent killers” of customer satisfaction and retention
  • Digital readiness assessment to align IT capabilities with the key elements of the digital business strategy

Frameworks and Accelerators

  • Digital / IT investment business case framework
  • Digital customer experience assesssment tool
  • Digital readiness assessment checklist and framework

Customer Outcomes

  • Mobilization and funding approval to invest in digital initiatives, supported by a clear vision and roadmap
  • Quickly identify where customers are silently becoming dissatisfied and quiting your business via digital channels. Quantify the value and define a practical remediation plan.
  • Analysis and roadmap to prepare IT with the critical capabilities that will be needed to support the evolving digital strategy.