Merger and Acquisition Support

Business-focused IT due diligence and integration planning to support M&A/Divestiture/investment decision-making

Key Questions to be Answered

  • How does IT impact the value of the proposed deal?
  • What are the questions that must be answered and could reveal a deal breaker?
  • Is the target company’s IT house in order? Are there major risks to address or investments needed?
  • What is the roadmap for transitioning and integrating the organizations, processes and systems?

Proven Approach

  • Rapidly deploy a small team of experienced consultants who can complete their work in 2-3 weeks from a standing start.
  • Conduct a baseline analysis of the IT estate to understand core capabilities, organization, resources and cost structure.
  • Deep dive into 2-3 targeted areas which could impact the deal valuation or even become deal breakers, such as:
    • Does the core IT platform do what they say it does?
    • Can it scale up to meet our needs?
    • How quickly can we integrate them into our financial management framework?

Frameworks and Accelerators

  • IT cost structure framework
  • IT due diligence checklist and assessment templates

Customer Outcomes

  • Rapid and thorough baseline assessment of key IT capabilities and risks, on the accelerated timeline of an M&A due-diligence
  • Resolution of key issues that could impact deal valuation or become deal breakers for the buyer or investor, based on facts, analysis and practical experience
  • High level roadmap for implementation of transition, integration and /or remediation of the target IT organization

Summary findings and recommendations, delivered in business terms